• Metis Generation Fund

    With energy and resource development projects planned or underway in Manitoba, Métis businesses looking for opportunities to participate now have additional help.

    The Metis Generation Fund can help those businesses take part in these projects through additional investment capacity.

  • Metis Generation Fund

    For the first time, the Metis people have an investment fund dedicated to their business goals. With an initial capitalization of $3 million – soon to grow to $4 million – The Metis Generation Fund emphasizes partnerships with Metis businesses and the successful leveraging of additional capital.

    The Fund is an active partner in its investments further helping to achieve success.

  • Metis Generation Fund

    The Fund is managed with a highly focused, conservative approach in order to minimize risk and costs while achieving sustainable growth. It is dedicated to business investment in the resource and energy fields in Manitoba (e.g. mining, forestry, fishing, oil and gas, renewable energy, etc.).

    Businesses directly servicing stakeholders in those industries (e.g. transportation, supply, etc.) may also qualify for equity investments.


overview Fund Overview

The Métis Economic Development Organization (“MEDO”) has established an energy and resource focused investment fund called, The Metis Generation Fund.

The Major Resource and Energy Development Fund (MGF) represents a powerful opportunity to improve the lives of Metis people throughout the province and add economic strength to the communities in which they live.

By increasing the capacity of MGF to invest in Metis businesses throughout Manitoba, MEDO will be better able to assist these businesses in becoming more active participants in these industry sectors and the provincial economy.

The objective of this Fund is to promote the economic development, skills, and financial opportunities of the Métis people of Manitoba by providing capital funding (subordinated debt, equity, or a combination thereof) to Métis-owned businesses operating in the energy and resource sectors.

star Fund Criteria

Operations - Fund operates under the Metis Economic Organization (MEDO) as a separate legal entity, including separate financial reporting disclosure.

Approach -The fund is managed with a highly focused, conservative approach to minimize risk and costs while achieving sustainable growth.

Only existing, established Manitoba Metis businesses will be considered for potential Fund investments because of the high investment risk associated with “seed” or “start up” businesses.

Portfolio investments will range from $200,000 to $500,000 with an anticipated holding period of three to five years.

Evaluation criteria employed when assessing investment opportunities.

Professional, disciplined approach to be taken to approve any investment made by the Fund.


options Fund Options

Subordinated debt - This is a risk capital term debt. Subordinated debt investors accept a higher level of risk compared with conventional funding sources.

Equity - This is the interest shareholders hold or own in a company. This form of financing can be very beneficial to a growing company because there is typically little ongoing cash cost.


For more information and to apply for assistance from the Metis Generation Fund, please contact:

or write:

The Metis Economic
Development Organization
150 Henry Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 0J7
Phone: 204.586.8474
Fax: 204.947.1816